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How to climb to the Central Crater of Etna

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Advice on how to climb to the Etna Crater

The excursion to the Central Crater of Etna is certainly one of the most coveted objectives. However, it is important to keep in mind that we are facing a high altitude ascent, above 3000 m.t. altitude, in high mountain climatic conditions. Even during the summer it is essential to equip yourself with a down jacket and anorak due to the sustained ventilation that often characterizes the summit area of the volcano.Volcanic Risk In addition to the climatic conditions, the state of the volcano’s eruptive activity and the associated risks must be taken into consideration. Often the persistent explosive activity produced by various mouths that make up the top of Etna prevent a safe approach. We always suggest reading the Ordinances in force that regulate access to the Summit Craters important for risk control and mitigation.

Rules to follow to better face the climb to the Central Crater of Etna


  • The trekking requires a good physical preparation, since it is a path that develops at high altitude it will be easy to accuse symptoms of fatigue, attention is required since it is an active volcanic area subject to constant gaseous exhalations and a soil consisting of incoherent and unstable rocks
  • The excursion may undergo changes at the discretion of the Guides or be interrupted if the environmental, atmospheric or volcanic conditions change, such as to compromise the safety of the entire group.
  • Due to the continuous and unpredictable evolution of volcanic activity, the excursions may undergo variations or, in extreme cases, be canceled, at the discretion of the guide for safety reasons.
  • The guides have the right to interrupt the excursion for any reason that could compromise the safety and therefore the physical integrity of an individual or the entire group.
  • The total duration of the trek will depend on the pace.
  • The excursion will take place within the limits set by the ordinances in force.
  • Also suitable for children over the age of 7.
  • The route includes the ascent and passage along the crater rims, this could cause dizziness problems for sensitive subjects.
  • This itinerary, in relation to the type and altitude, is suitable for people in a state of good physical health, who do not suffer from particular diseases (cardiovascular, respiratory or hypertension).
  • We do not recommend the use of contact lenses because of the gases exhaled by the volcano and the ash which, if pushed, could easily cause problems.
  • Expectant mothers who have passed the third month of pregnancy are not allowed any type of excursion activity.
  • To allow for the success of the excursion and the proper conduct of the activity, it is a good idea to know your health conditions perfectly and possibly present them to the Guide, all this to reduce the occurrence of any problems and avoid taking risks.


  • Layered clothing (short-sleeved shirt – thermal or long-sleeved shirt) -> (varies according to the season)
  • High trekking shoes
  • Windbreaker or down jacket (varies according to the season)
  • Gloves and hat (especially in autumn and spring)
  • Long pants recommended
  • Water

Recommended :

    • Snack
    • Trekking poles
    • K-way (waterproof jacket)
    • Backpack 25/30 L
    • Sun glasses
    • Sun cream / cocoa butter
    • Gloves and hat (varies according to the season)
    • Replacement socks
    • Long pants
    • Replacement T-shirt
    • Handkerchiefs or bandana (to protect yourself from dust or volcanic gases)

Useful informations…

If you want to live this experience, we invite you to take a look at our Home Page or our profile on Trip Advisor.In addition, in the event of an eruption, if the safety conditions allow, we organize excursions to visit the active lava flows, follow us in the Special Volcano Events section !.

For more details or questions you can call our number: +393455741330

Article written by: Vincenzo Greco G.V.

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