– Etna 👉🏻 access to the summit craters, can you go up?

– How far can you go on your own and where with a guide?


Current risk level:

High (running from 13 December 2020)


  • Last lava fountain: 21/02/2022 produced by the South East Crater

  • Last explosive activity with significant ash emissions from the Summit Craters: June 24, 2022

[Current activity in these hours]: Explosive activity and sudden collapses of the unstable walls of the South East Crater accompanied by ash emissions with the possibility of developing pyroclastic flows, volcanic tremor still inside the attention threshold.


What does it mean?

Here are the rules that must be followed

👉🏻 Temporary ban within the area marked in red  👈🏻

“No tourist visits and / or excursions are allowed to the Summit Craters, within the area marked in red or within the summit area”.

What does the Red Zone include?

  • Above the arrival of the Etna cableway altitude (2500 m) to the south, Monte Pizzillo (2450 m) to the north and up to the Centenari Mountains (1740 m) to the east within the Valle del Bove.
  • Within the Red Zone in compliance with the rules of the Etna Park Authority, excursions are permitted only if accompanied by Volcanological guides qualified by law, in compliance with the Ordinances issued by the Mayors in their respective territories of competence.

UPDATE: Given the l’ordinanza Sindacale N.9 published by the Mayor of Nicolosi on 01/06/2021 it will be possible to reach from an altitude of 2500 m. altitude 2750 m.t. (see area highlighted in blue on the map) on the southern side of the volcano if accompanied by Alpine or Volcanological Guides.

UPDATE: Given the Mayor ordinance N.26 published by the Mayor of Linguaglossa on: 25/06/2021 it will be possible to reach an altitude of 2850 m. on the north side of Etna (see area highlighted in yellow on the map), if accompanied by Alpine and Volcanological Guides.


If the phenomena in progress allow it, the supra-municipal authority, having heard the opinion of the experts of the I.N.G.V. with regard to the type and evolution of the phenomenon underway, it will be able to evaluate the possibility of allowing guided and planned touristic-excursion use within the summit area near the lava fields and eruptive vents, in safe conditions. In this case, the procedures for carrying out the visits will be established with specific measures, which will be allowed only if accompanied by personnel qualified in accordance with the law (GA-GV).


Edited by: Vincenzo Greco GV

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