Is it possible to climb Mount Etna?

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Many tourists often ask if it is possible to climb to the top of the highest active volcano in Europe.
Well the answer is certainly yes !. Clearly it is very important to have in mind the general conditions of the volcano, this is because the persistent activity of the Summit Craters often does not guarantee a safe approach which can even lead to the suspension of hiking activities planned at high altitude by the competent authorities. that the summed craters are often forbidden or subject to precautionary blocking, normally starting from an altitude of 2900 meters (near Torre del Filosofo) in such a way as to limit the approach to potentially dangerous craters and consequently reduce exposure to potential risks .

What happens when the risk goes down?

When the danger threshold drops, but a certain attention still remains, as it is always a question of natural phenomena subject to sudden changes, the work and experience of the Alpine and Volcanological Guides comes into play, the only figures enabled in the management of people and / or groups in active volcanic areas, which perform excursions in full compliance with the regulations in force, and within the limits of trade union ordinances.

What are the Ordinances?

The ordinances are specially made by the municipalities within which the accompanying activities are carried out to which everyone (hikers, guides, escorts, researchers, journalists, etc.) must comply. Everything is closely linked to the weekly and monthly bulletins issued by two main bodies: the INGV and the DPRC Sicily. Etna is in fact one of the most active and monitored volcanoes in the world, and alternates phases of quiet associated with degassing activities of the summit craters, with others characterized by the resumption of explosive activities with the production of ash columns or effusive emission of lava flows. We are clearly talking about a living mountain, in constant evolution, which must be respected for the safety and protection of its visitors. To find out more or to book the excursion to the top of the volcano directly online, we invite you to open this link.

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