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Useful advice and information about the Etna’s Crossing

What to do on Etna and which excursions to choose

As for the ascent to the summit craters of Etna, in winter, spring and autumn, it all depends on the snow/ice conditions.

Ascend in winter

In winter the summit craters can only be visited by booking an alpine ski/crampons tour with a private guide (this type of excursion is not a group excursion as it requires experience and above all training). The price for a private guide (up to a maximum of 4 people) would be 350 euros for the whole day and you will reach the top at 3300 meters.

From spring onwards…

If the snow and ice have melted by the end of April, we will organize the following excursion with an ascent from an altitude of 1800 to 2830 meters with 4×4 vehicles : Open here for details

If you prefer, you can also skip the 4×4 means of transport and start the trekking ascent already from Piano Provenzana (1800 m) to meet your guide near the Etna Observatory (at an altitude of 2800 m) – we will take care of making you have the gps location of the meeting via Google maps link on your mobile phone – and then join the group, for the final climb up to 3300m, where a guide is mandatory. In this case we recommend starting from Piano Provenzana by 5.30 / 6.00 AM.

Information about the Etna Crossing from the North

As for the crossing, it is an activity suitable for those who are used to sport and regular physical activity, given the length of the route of over 18 km and the hours spent walking at altitudes up to 3300 meters for a total of about 8 /9 hours, is an activity for expert hikers.
It is normally available with a minimum number of 6 participants, but given the difficulty of the trek it is a tour that is not booked very often.

About the costs, for the only guided accompanying service, taking into account the possible passage in prohibited areas (of which the guide must take exclusive responsibility) due to the recent volcano activities, it is to be agreed at the time of booking by calling the number : +39 3455741330.

Note: if you are alone or in two, you have to pay the entire sum for the exclusive private guide service for you, it changes if you are a group, where the cost of the guide is diluted according to the number of participants.

The following services are excluded from the guide cost::

  1. Ticket for the 4×4 means of transport (only <one way>) from an altitude of 1800 to an altitude of 2800 meters – arrival altitude varies according to snow conditions) at the price of €50 per person
  2. Transfer service -> for the return from the south (end of the excursion) to the north side (starting point of the excursion) at a cost of €170 for the whole group (if formed), not per person

It would be better to start from the north side, because the summit area is more accessible, and then descend on the south side. The sum foreseen for the guide also includes any equipment, such as: jackets, shoes, helmets, poles and additional backpacks.

Booking method

If you wish to book the private guide service, we require a prepayment of 50% of the amount 1 week before the date of your excursion (policy of our company), in order to guarantee the guide for the requested date and the visit is thus guaranteed 100%, obviously always taking into consideration the variables (volcanic and meteorological). Once the prepayment is registered, it is non-refundable, if the tour is canceled by you. However, if we need to cancel due to bad weather conditions or volcanic activity, the amount paid will be 100% refunded.


Compliance with regulations

As mentioned above, it is obvious that all routes must comply with the ordinances currently in force, which are issued by the various Municipalities based on the levels of volcanic risk communicated by the Civil Protection and the Institute of Volcanology. The activity of the volcano in fact changes daily and the risk of eruptions can undergo variations at any time, if this risk increases then the mayors of the municipalities concerned limit access to certain areas by setting altitude limits. The guides know these areas and avoid them or modify the itinerary of the trip based on their experience and on the communications of the researchers in the event of transiting through prohibited areas.

We always invite you to contact us a few days before the requested date, so we can provide more certainty on which tours will be available, or if the group for the Etna crossing has been formed for the date initially requested.

For more details write us on whatsapp: +39 3455741330 or send us an email to:

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