Excursion to the top of the Etna Volcano at an altitude of 3300 meters

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Climb to the top of the Etna Volcano

Climbing to the top of the Etna Volcano is certainly one of the most beautiful experiences you can have when visiting Sicily. So the question is: How do you go up the volcano ?.
The main access routes are two from, Linguaglossa (north side) or from Nicolosi (south side). These are two tourist stations located at an altitude of 1800 m.t. and 1900 m.t. above sea level, these places are easily reachable with your private vehicles.
Arriving at the starting point, if you are in the habit of going to the mountains, you can very well begin to approach the volcano by walking along the flows. We always invite you to pay due attention to using adequate equipment (such as high hiking shoes) due to the structure of the soil, consisting of highly abrasive and often inconsistent lava rocks.

How to get to an altitude of 2900 m.t.? Which guides can take me to the top?

If you want to go to the highest altitudes as quickly as possible, you can take advantage of tourist transport services such as cable car or 4×4 jeeps up to an altitude of 2900 meters.Then you have to climb to the top with Alpine and Volcano Guides, the only figures enabled to lead people or groups in active volcanic areas, who carry out excursions in full compliance with the regulations in force, and within the limits of the Trade Union Ordinances.


For this excursion the price is around € 100 per person, all included: Cable car tickets (round trip) from 1900mt to 2500mt + 4 × 4 jeep ticket (one way) up to 2900mt + Authorized Volcano Guide Service.

  • There is a reduction of 5 € for children under 12 years old.

To find out more or to book the excursion to the top of the volcano directly online, we invite you to open this one link.

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