New Ordinance of access to the Etna volcano Municipality of Nicolosi 1 June 2021

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Ordinance of access to the Etna volcano. What are the rules to be respected given the recent eruptive activities of the volcano?

How far is it possible to go?

Given the recent activity of Etna with the spectacular lava fountains produced by the South East Crater, it is advisable to establish adequate access methods to the phenomena in progress.

Despite the red alert is as per Notice of DPRC (16 February 2021), which defined the access limit to the volcano is not over an altitude of 2500 M.T.
Many enthusiasts and not, attracted by eruptive events, have often decided to venture anyway with the intention of getting closer to the active area.


– The absence of qualified personnel in accordance with the local law as a body for the protection and observation of hikers.
– The difficulty in carrying out a 24-hour check of the areas affected by the eruptive events, the Municipality of Nicolosi, having heard the opinion of the experts, the Guides and considering that, the volcano presents moments of stalemate between one activity and another with degrees of lower risk, has published a new Ordinance.
As a group of qualified guides we always invite you to be cautious, to respect the rules and not to venture into inaccessible areas exposed to possible dangers of multiple

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