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Update of the new price list of the Etna cableway

The company that manages the Etna cable car (high rope lift) located on the southern slope of the Etna volcano, which allows you to climb from an altitude of 1900 meters to an altitude of 2500 metres, presented the new tariffs which will come into force starting from March 1, 2023.

Round trip ticket price -> Adults €50 per person
Children 0-4 free  – from 5 to 10 years -> €30 per person
We are waiting for the one-way fare, the current updates say that: there could only be the return one from an altitude of 2500 meters to an altitude of 1900 meters.

Cable car ticket (round trip) + from an altitude of 2500 meters to an altitude of 2700 meters (jeep 4×4) unimog + guided service up to an altitude of 2750 meters (as per union ordinance)

Adults €78 per person
Children €50 per person

Cable car ticket (round trip) + snowcat from an altitude of 2500 meters to an altitude of 2700 meters + guided service up to an altitude of 2750 meters (as per union ordinance)

Adults €89 per person
Children €50 per person

The guided services mentioned above are not performed by the guides of our organization, but by colleagues who collaborate at the Cooperative of the Alpine and Volcanological Guides of Etna Sud, for our services we invite you to visit our website in detail.

Visiting Mount Etna to the Summit

For all the necessary information on visiting Mount Etna up to the summit, you can consult our website.

If you want to know if the summit is currently open to the public, visit this page.

A useful page that clearly explains how the excursions on Mount Etna are organized is this one: open here.

How to Reach Mount Etna from Catania

To find out how to reach Mount Etna from Catania, visit this page.

Difficulty of Ascents on Mount Etna

To understand the difficulty of the ascents on Mount Etna, you can choose the excursion or route that best suits your needs.

The physically most challenging excursions are those to the summit: see here. The final part of the volcano, from 2800 m to 3300 m, requires experienced hikers accustomed to high altitudes.

If you prefer not to walk much, you can choose excursions with transport from Etna North. The departure is from 1800 m (the maximum reachable by your car) up to 2850 m. The northern side of Mount Etna is rich in craters, and you can join easy walking excursions: open the page or 4×4 round trip excursions: open the page, which allow you to see various craters.


Not all agencies offer tours, excursions, or trekking above 1800 meters. Therefore, we recommend always asking for detailed information about the experience before booking!

We, as a legally authorized Volcanic Guides company, organize excursions in the highest areas of the volcano, even during eruptions. Before organizing visits to the lava flows, we carefully observe the ongoing volcanic phenomenon. If deemed safe, we can accompany tourists, always ensuring the presence of authorized guides.

How to Book?

To book, you can send an email to: info.guidevulcanologicheetna@gmail.com, providing the following information:

  • Name and surname
  • Date of the excursion
  • Number of participants
  • Contact phone number

Alternatively, you can send a message or call us on WhatsApp at +39 345 5741330, available every day from 9:30 AM to 7:00 PM.

In the event of further changes, we will take care of reporting them in this article.


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