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After months of Strombolian activity which affected all the Summit Craters of the Etna Volcano in alternating phases, yesterday evening the South East Crater increased its explosive activity to produce a real lava fountain. This phenomenon takes the name of paroxysmal activity, that is, violent explosions of short duration (only a few hours) accompanied by possible emissions of lava flows. This activity was also characterized by the collapse of the western portion of the crater and the consequent deepening of the fracture on the south-western flank of the cone. This collapse produced an important and consistent pyroclastic flow which rapidly expanded towards Monte Frumento. The lava emitted produced two distinct arms, one towards south east (towards Torre del Filosofo) and another towards south west (towards Monte Frumento Supino).

This eruptive event should not cause concern, it is normal eruptive phenomena typical of Etna that develop in the upper part of the volcano, therefore far from inhabited centers !.

View from Piano del Vescovo

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