Access to the top of Etna in the Municipality of Linguaglossa – North Etna

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Access ordinance to the volcano from Etna North | Municipality of Linguaglossa 03/10/2022


  • That the volcanic activity, having heard the opinion of the competent bodies, appears to be mainly located near the South East Crater. As also ascertained by the daily inspections carried out by the Alpine and Volcanological Guides. The current activity status is at a low level associated with degassing activity from the Summit Craters.
  • That the last relevant eruptive activity dates back to June 15, 2022 (date of the end of the last eruption which began on May 10).
  • Which remains firm as indicated also in the ATTENTION phase (as per DPC with note PRE/51824 of 02/10/20) the absolute prohibition to go in the vicinity of the South East Crater.


  • That the volcano and its phenomena attract visitors to the top portion of the municipal area.
  • That it is necessary to allow fruition by following the access methods according to the levels of volcanic risk in progress, accompanied by figures qualified by law as alpine or volcanological guides.
  • That most of the hikers use the rolling track that from Piano Provenzana 1800 m.t. arrives in Pizzi Deneri at an altitude of 2860 m.t. in the territory of the Municipality of Linguaglossa.
  • That in any case other hikers use the services of Piano Provenzana (parking, souvenirs, bars, etc.).


To the recent documents issued (multidisciplinary bulletins and press releases) by the INGV – OE competence centers of 09/06/2022 and UNIFI (University of Florence) – LGS (Experimental Geophysics Laboratory) of 09/14/2022 (ETNA DAILY REPORT), which they show a relatively low and rather stable volcanic activity.


What could happen with the current eruptive state of the volcano :

  • Volcanic activity characterized by outgassing and occasional\discontinuous explosive activity possibly accompanied by the formation of ash clouds as per the ETNA MONTHLY bulletin of 06/09/2022 of the INGV-OE.
  • That infrasonic data analysis showed LOW outgassing activity localized mainly at the BN/VOR sector, with explosive transients having LOW acoustic pressures (<1 Pa at ETN) at BN/VOR mainly and partially at the SE sector. The seismic tremor is LOW, as per DAILY REPORT of 09/14/2022 of the Experimental Geophysics Laboratory (LGS – UNIFI).
  • The STATUS OF ACTIVITY AND ALERT LEVELS OF THE ETNA VOLCANO from the summary “report” of the periodic technical meeting of 08/03/2022 by the National Civil Protection Department.
  • That the greater distance from the South East Crater allows accompanied tourists a safer approach to the Summit areas from the North side of Etna.

Click to view : Ordinance for access to the volcano from Etna North Municipality of Linguaglossa 03/10/2022


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