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IMPORTANT: before venturing out, it is good practice to pay attention to the limits imposed by the ordinances in force and the levels of volcanic risk currently available on this 👉🏻 page



This excursion is suitable for all those who want to test themselves, in particular, for those in search of new sensations, such as the satisfaction of having reached the summit of the highest active volcano in Europe, only on their own strength.

The route develops along the trace of the path immersed in the lava of the recent summit and lateral eruptions, 1614-24, 1809, 1879, 1923, 1950-56, 1960-67, 1970-78, 1986-87, 1996-98 , 1923, 2002, 2016  which involved the northern side of the volcano, the climb is extremely panoramic immersed in a lunar-looking volcanic context, unique in its kind, up to reaching Piano delle Concazze at 2800 meters, a vast and fascinating plateau consisting of sands and volcanic scoria.

From this point begins the actual ascent towards the summit of the volcano, the North East Crater 3329 meters high, the climb is quite demanding, you must pay particular attention to the unstable and incoherent ground especially during the remaining 250 meters in altitude, since it consists of slag and volcanic bombs. Once at the top, it will be possible to admire the panorama visible from the roof of Sicily, but above all the charm of the Summit Craters, the sounds, gases and colors that the rocks take on near the fumaroles.

The descent will take place inside the sandy gullies that make up the northern slope of the volcano, one of which is called Quarantore, until reaching Piano Provenzana, the arrival point of our excursion.


Meeting at the office of the Etna Nord Volcanological Guides in Piano Provenzana 1800 mt at 7:30 AM.

Initial briefing and start of the trek

Ascent up to the Summit Craters of Etna 3300 meters for a total of 12 km of ascent only.

Descent of about 2 km in the direction of the Volcanological Observatory.

Lunch break*

Continuation of the descent for about 4 km inside the sandy gullies.

End of excursion at Piano Provenzana 1800 m

Total duration of the trek: 7/8h

Total km : 18 km (round trip)

Total positive height difference: 1550 meters approx

Total negative height difference: 1600 meters approx

Difficulty : EE (expert hikers)


  • The route is suitable for those who make ascents at high altitudes.
  • Trekking is strictly not recommended for those who do not usually hike in the mountains.
  • The excursion requires good physical preparation.
  • Attention is required as the soil is volcanic, often incoherent and unstable.
  • The excursion may undergo variations at the discretion of the Guides or be interrupted should the environmental, atmospheric or volcanic conditions change, such as to compromise the safety of the entire group.
  • The total duration of the trek will depend on the general pace.
  • The excursion will take place within the limits set by the ordinances in force.
  • Also suitable for children over the age of 13 who are used to walking.
  • The route includes the climb and the passage along the crater rims, this could cause vertigo problems for sensitive subjects.
  • This itinerary, in relation to the type and altitude, is suitable for people in good physical health, who do not suffer from particular pathologies (strongly not recommended for those suffering from problems: cardio vascular, respiratory or hypertension).
  • We do not recommend the use of contact lenses due to the gases exhaled by the volcano and the ash which, if pushed, could easily cause problems.
  • For pregnant women who have passed the third month of pregnancy, no type of excursion activity is allowed.
  • To allow the excursion to be successful and the activity to be carried out correctly , it is good practice to know your health conditions perfectly and to bring them to the attention of the Guide, if necessary, to reduce the occurrence of any problems and avoid taking risks.

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