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New trade union ordinance of the Municipality of Nicolosi to access the top of Etna

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New trade union order of the Municipality of Nicolosi to access the top of Etna with the rapid training system called: ETNAS

  • SUMMIT AREA : comprising the area of summit craters, the upper Bove valley and all areas roughly above 2,500m and in any case, even at lower shares, within a safety band from lava flows or active erupts (Criticality connected to volcanic phenomena) as defined by the DPC with well -known volcanic activity of Etna: levels of critical issues and relative possible scenarios prot. 60384 of 24.11.2006.
  • YELLOW AREA : It is the area subject to the new perimeter carried out by the INGV – OE (National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology of Catania) and transmitted to the subjects in address with a note of the DRPC Sicily n. 13121 of 29 March 2023. The boundaries of the yellow area are wider than the boundaries of the top area above all in particular at the Bove Valley.

Starting from April 1, 2022, the new Etnas rapid alert system (Etna Integrated Alert System) made by the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology – Etna Observatory with the contribution of the University of Florence – LGS has officially entered into force and in full operation and in full operation , relating to the possible imminent event or occurrence in the course of lava fountains (paroxysms) and magmatic intrusions. This system allows you to send a series of messages of volcanic alerts that are distinguished in different levels/Warning States of the ETNAS system that are divided into:

For lava fountains

  • F0 low probability (attention).
  • F1 -> first level Warning. High probability (preallarm) of imminent event of lava fountains (it can easily be exposed to false alarms in the event of a sudden reduction of the anticipatory signals).
  • F2 -> Second level Warning. Very high probability (alarm) of imminent or in progress of lava fountains (it can be exposed to lack of alarms in the event of sudden change of the activity).

For magmatic intrusions

  • I0 low probability of occurrence of intrusive phenomenon (i.e. a magma that is introduced in depth within rocks along the sides of the volcano).
    I1 Warning. High probability of imminent, or ongoing occurrence of a magmatic intrusion.

To know and consult the details on the rules to follow and the insights about access to the crater on top of the Etna volcano in the territory of the Municipality of Nicolosi, consult the ordinance.

Article written by: Vincenzo Greco

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