Ordinance| Rules for the access to the top of Etna (from Nicolosi)

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New access ordinance to the Craters of the Etna Volcano, which rules must be respected according to the Ordinance published by the Municipality of Nicolosi on April 1, 2022.

Here we report the details:

  • Free excursion up to 2500 meters above sea level.
  • From an altitude of 2500 meters above sea level to 2750 meters above sea level. only if accompanied by Alpine Guides or Volcanological, with appropriate clothing to places, it remains firm the absolute prohibition to go in the vicinity of the crater of the south-east from which must be maintained in any phase of the excursion a safety distance of at least 1500 meters as the crow flies, as well as absolute compliance with the Regulations on the use of the summit of theDepartment of Civil Protection – Service Etna Volcanic Risk of 09/02/2013 and ss.mm.ii;
  •  It is absolutely forbidden to exceed the altitude of 2750 m. above sea level.

The Alpine and Volcanological guides, who operate on the southern slope of the Etna Volcano, and in particular in the area affected by eruptive phenomena, are obliged to:

  • To place information and danger signs and also, at the point of arrival of the excursions
    free, will be placed some poles with cord to prohibit the passage;
  • To communicate to the Municipal Civil Protection structure any variation of activity that
    may cause risks for public and private safety;
  • To inform the persons accompanied in advance about the risks they run into
    volcanic environment;
  • To implement all useful measures aimed at limiting risks, including compulsory nature
    for accompanied persons to use adequate specific and accident prevention equipment as suggested by their experience and professionalism.

The limitations referred to in the previous point do not apply:

  • To the personnel assigned to safety and rescue, to the police, to the personnel of the Civil Protection and to the personnel of the Etna Park who carry out service activities in the area;
  • To the scientific staff who work at the top for civil protection and study purposes (University and I.N.G.V.);
    To the alpine / volcanological guides and to the staff of the C.A.I. enabled in accordance with the law;
  • Is also allowed access, beyond the limits imposed, to journalists and professional photographers equipped with professional card if accompanied by qualified personnel in accordance with the law.
  • Violators will be referred to the Judicial Authority pursuant to art. 650 C.P.
  • The Municipal Police Command is responsible for the execution of this ordinance.

For more details read the order in its entirety: OS Nicolosi nr. 5_2022 .


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