Update of Etna’s eruptive activity 18 January 2022

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Fantastic ascent to the Summit Craters of Etna yesterday, in a snowy environment. The ascents at this time of the year are performed with the help of mountaineering equipment such as: skis, ice ax or crampons. The North East Crater was partially obstructed on the crater floor, often gas bubbles manage to rise up producing ash emissions that were dispersed near the crater itself. Concurrently with the gaseous exhalations, dark roars were heard followed by falls of rocks, probably lithic material re-mobilized by the degassing activity. The overhanging walls appeared fumarolized, especially the northern and southern ones.
Debris material attributable to collapses constituted the internal platform of the crater.
Overall, the volcano is in a state of apparent stillness, which characterizes all the Summit Craters, these favorable factors have allowed the guides to remain stationary, but without remaining long given the still high level of risk.

When will it be possible to go up again with tourists to the summit craters of Etna?


If the phenomena in place allow it, the supra-municipal authority, having heard the opinion of the experts of the I.N.G.V with regard to the type and evolution of the phenomenon underway, it will be able to evaluate the possibility of allowing guided and planned touristic-excursion use within the summit area near the lava fields and eruptive vents, in safe conditions. In this case, the procedures for carrying out the visits will be established with specific measures, which will be allowed only if accompanied by personnel qualified by law (frame 89 ‘) (with Alpine Guides and Volcanological Guides).

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