Excursions to Etna and wine tasting in the winery

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Excursions to Etna and wine tasting in the winery

Many of the excursions on the volcano have a limited duration and they will not allow you to reach altitudes higher than 2000 meters.

Our company made up of volcanological guides and alpine guides, however, allows you to be taken to altitudes above 2000 meters up to the true top of the volcano, and arrive in time for your lunch in the winery.

Etna is a very large volcano, and has many small and large lateral craters spread across all sides.

The real active craters, which present persistent volcanic activity, are found only at the top at an altitude of 3300 m. If you want to see fumaroles with a temperature above 50 degrees, you have to go either into Valle del Bove, along the system of fractures that developed between May and June 2022 from an altitude of 1850 meters and above. Or on the North or South side starting from an altitude of 2500 metres. These places can be easily reached if accompanied by local guides who know the area, especially on the North or South side, which are less easy to reach inside the large volcanic depression called Valle del Bove.

At this point, knowing that on the volcano there are many lateral craters (even starting from an altitude of 600m) that are no longer active, you must always ask your agency up to what altitude you will be accompanied and where, so as to understand if the tour chosen by you can satisfy your needs.

With our treks as a company of authorized guides we accompany tourists who rely on us at all altitudes, particularly above 2000 meters above sea level, up to the true top of the volcano (3300 metres) with its craters in a perpetual state of volcanic activity.

The excursions compatible (with a maximum duration of 3 hours) with lunches in the winery are:

1) Excursion to the large craters of the 2002 eruption

2) Excursion to the maximum altitude of 3000 meters on the north side

DIFFICULTY: EASY (also suitable for children over 6 years old)

Excursions not compatible with lunchtime visits to the winery due to a longer duration (over 4 hours) are:

  1. Volcanological excursion – visit to the rift craters up to an altitude of 3000 meters (excursion suitable for those who love trekking in contexts far from the most popular paths)
  2. Excursion to the Summit Craters up to an altitude of 3300m
  3. Excursion to an altitude of 3000m from the South side

DIFFICULTY: MEDIUM (suitable for people used to walking and trekking in the mountains regularly)

Useful information

  • If you would like details or to book, you can write to us or call us on: +393455741330 also on whatsapp.
  • All excursions are carried out in compliance with the access limits to the Etna volcano, which can constantly change depending on the variation in the more or less dangerous activities produced by the volcano. In fact, the volcano is an extremely variable system, it changes its activity many times during the same day, our guides, thanks to their experience, knowledge and in constant direct contact with the researchers who carry out monitoring, are always informed about the changes, so that we can reduce exposure to risks for all those who rely on us to take them to the top of Europe’s highest active volcano.


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