How to visit Etna?

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How to visit Etna?

To visit Etna up to the top, just read the information on our 👉🏻 website


  • If you are interested in knowing if the summit is open to the public right now, open this 👉🏻 page.
  • This is a useful page that explains how excursions on Etna are organized 👉🏻 open here.
  • How to reach Etna from Catania 👉🏻 open here.


Instead, to find out if the climbs on Etna are difficult, just choose the excursion or route that best suits your needs.

The hardest excursions on a physical level are those towards the top 👉🏻 open here. The final part of the volcano from an altitude of 2800 meters up to an altitude of 3300 meters requires hikers accustomed to walking at high altitudes.

If, on the other hand, you don’t want to walk a lot, you can choose excursions with public transport from Etna Nord. The departure is scheduled from an altitude of 1800 meters (maximum limit that can be reached with your car) up to an altitude of 2850 meters.

  • Mount Etna volcano is rich in craters especially on the northern slope, so you can choose easy hikes all on foot of a few kilometers (👉🏻open here) or by the special 4×4 round trip vehicles (👉🏻open here) that still allow you to see craters



  • Not all agencies offer tours, excursions or trekking above an altitude of 1800 meters, therefore we invite you to always ask about the characteristics of the experience before booking!.
  • As a company of volcanological guides authorized by law, we carry out excursions in the highest areas of the volcano, even during eruptions. Before arranging visits to the lava flows, it is good to study and observe the ongoing volcanic phenomenon, which, if judged safe, may allow the approach of tourists accompanied by us licensed guides.


How to dress

We always recommend layered clothing, always consider that you are still at high altitude, therefore in winter, you must use clothing suitable for winter temperatures (including gloves and hat). In summer we do not recommend the use of shorts for excursions above 2500 metres, jackets are also important in the summer months, at an altitude of 3000 meters the wind is rarely absent. For shoes, it is important to use trekking shoes or après-ski boots in the winter months (possibility to rent jackets and shoes on site).

Compliance with regulations

All the routes develop in compliance with the ordinances in force, which are published by the various Municipalities based on the levels of volcanic risk (for more details open this page) communicated by the Civil Protection and the Institute of Volcanology. The activity of the volcano in fact changes daily and the risk of eruptions can undergo variations at any time, if this risk increases then the mayors of the municipalities concerned limit access to certain areas by setting altitude limits. The guides know these areas and avoid them or change the itinerary of the trip based on their experience and the communications of the researchers in the event of transiting through prohibited areas.

How to book?

To book you can write to the address :, providing your data (name, surname, effective date of the excursion, number of participants and reference mobile number), by sending a message or calling our whatsapp number: +39 345 5741330 active every day from 9:30 at 19:00.

Booking method

If you wish to book the private guide service, we require a prepayment of 50% of the amount 1 week before the date of your excursion (policy of our company), in order to guarantee the guide for the requested date and the visit is thus guaranteed 100%, obviously always taking into consideration the variables (volcanic and meteorological). Once the prepayment is registered, it is non-refundable, if the tour is canceled by you. If instead we need to cancel due to bad weather conditions, volcanic activity or health problems of the guide, the amount paid will be refunded 100%.

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