The best website for excursions to Mount Etna

The best website for excursions to Mount Etna

There are many offers on the web and many agencies offer all kinds of excursions to the volcano.

It must be known that Etna is 3357 metres high (currently) and is a large volcano with many craters already at very low altitudes. Volcanic cones can be encountered as early as 400 metres above sea level. Many of these craters can be reached by car without necessarily being accompanied by a guide. The guided service remains your choice if you wish to have explanations for the routes at lower altitudes.

With your own car, you can reach the two tourist stations, one on the south side at Rifugio Sapienza and the Funivia dell’Etna (more popular) at an altitude of 1900m, and on the north side at Piano Provenzana (less popular) at 1800m.

How are the excursions organised?

Many agencies work at low altitudes, without climbing above 1900m, you will be accompanied to secondary craters that are no longer active. These services are offered by companies that are not normally authorised or licensed to accompany you to the higher altitudes of Etna’s volcano.So before you book your excursion, it is important to always ask about the characteristics of the experience, what the planned programme will be and how far you will go. In any case, if you like the programme they propose, it means that it is right for you.

If you have a car or if you have the possibility of travelling with a transport service, you can use your own means to reach the starting points of the excursions that are organised above 2000 metres, up to the top of the volcano at 3300 metres.

Hiking to the top of the volcano to an altitude of 3300 metres

PLEASE NOTE: The MOTOR-POWERED TRANSPORT VEHICLES to which we refer are special vehicles officially authorised by the Etna Park and the Municipalities of Etna that allow access above an altitude of 2000 metres and do not work below this altitude!

Important tip for those who want to venture out on their own

  • Always be aware of the volcano’s state of activity.
  • Before ascending, it must be clear that this is an active volcano, one of the most active in the world, and that its activity can change at any time.
  • Access to the summit is governed by restrictive regulations that only allow access if authorised, or if accompanied by guides who have the authorisation to go to the top.
  • All licensed guides, such as our group, have the authorisation to climb to the summit together accompanying tourists and are equipped with geo-localised radios connected directly to the researchers’ operations room in Catania so that they are informed IN REAL TIME of any changes to the volcano and guarantee the safety of the people they accompany.


  • If the volcano’s activity changes and you find yourself up there, who will warn you? You could then find yourself in serious danger. We always advise you to avoid it out of respect and self-protection.
  • All guides accompanying tourists to high altitudes are obliged to report to the authorities people alone in prohibited areas.
  • The Park has a control service in the hands of the Guardia di Finanza Alpine Rescue and the Forestry Corps.

What is at risk?

  • If you violate or enter prohibited areas for security reasons, you risk a fine and a complaint – Offenders will be referred to the Judicial Authority under Article 650 of the Criminal Code.

Hiking (round trip) from an altitude of 2000 metres to an altitude of 2300 metres

These hikes vary in duration from a maximum of 2½ hours for the easiest one to 5 hours for the longest one suitable for those used to walking in the mountains on a regular basis.


Hiking up to 3000 metres

These excursions have a maximum duration of 2-3 hours, in this case they are simple (tourist) trips where both ascent and descent by motorised vehicles with short but interesting treks on foot are foreseen, here is the link with the details :


Excursion up to 3000 metres when the summit craters are closed to the public for safety reasons

This hike is one of the most beautiful that can be done on the volcano, with a route away from the tourist areas it is the most popular, because of the unspoilt landscapes and places it is suitable for people used to walking in the mountains on a regular basis.


For more information or to book your trek

You can write to, providing your details(name, surname, actual date of the excursion, number of participants and mobile phone number for reference), sending a message or calling our whatsapp number: +39 345 5741330 active every day from 9:30 to 19:00. Or alternatively you can make your reservation by filling out the form on the web page of the excursion you have chosen.


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